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Sacred Self-care 


Divine Feminine Empowerment 

Claim your true authentic self 


Listen and trust your own inner guidance 


Speak your truth 


Engage in self-responsibility and self-empowerment 


Choose love, honour & respect 


Practice sacred self love 



Personal Empowerment Sessions


Through the activation of the Divine Feminine you will connect deeply to your heart's passion and soul mission by taking full responsibility for your own self empowerment. 


Together we will work through processes to release fear, anxiety, limiting beliefs, stagnant patterns and old stories that hold you back from living your true potential. 

Sessions are in person or online, they are created to nurture, love and honour your authentic self. 


Womb Healing 

During these one on one sessions I support and guide women to connect deeply to their wombs, through breath techniques, guided visualisations, meditations, sound and Shamanic energy work. 

This work assists releasing the fear and pain that women often hold in the womb space knowingly or unknowingly. When we clear and activate our wombs space creativity can flow and new life flourishes. 

Through the womb work every women receives the opportunity to authentically connect to her own creativity, passion and joy. This is done by opening to receive and her own intuition and wisdom. 

Self-care/love practices are created every session to keep your womb connection nurtured and nourished during daily life. The sessions are held in person or online. 

The Rite of the Womb


During the workshop you will recieve The Rite of the Womb, a deeply nurturing shamanic transmission that comes from the Divine Feminine spirit of the jungle. 

This energetic transmission releases fear and pain that is held in the womb space and calls in the birthing of our new lives and creative projects. 


This Rite is simple, yet profoundly potent and brings us into the embodiment of the Divine Feminine presence. In receiving the Rite we are shown the sacredness in ourselves and in all of life. 

By healing our wombs we heal our mothers, our sisters and our daughters- which ultimately brings healing to our beautiful Mother Earth and her sacred waters.


All women may receive the Rite of the Womb. Including women who are pregnant, women trying to conceive, younger women, older women, women who have had a hysterectomy and transgender individuals. 


The transmission is non invasive, it is received by a light touch on the belly.



“My healing experiences with Chloe are so deep. She has been teaching me beautifully how to manifest my deepest desires for myself in this life, and how to bring my fears and blocks to light and honor them with love and compassion for myself and what they teach me, so that they dissolve without resistance. She recently taught me the Rite of the Womb, and now I am pregnant. Each healing session is so unique, so creative, and full of magic. Together we go to places I’ve never been to. Now I know that everything can truly be healed. Chloe is a being that can shine her light on others with such grace and love, and by doing so, she teaches others how to shine their own light.”


Hélène Hébert; Mother, Healer, Engineer 


"Chloe has been an instrumental light in my healing process. Since I began working with her in 2014 Chloe has become a true heart connection, a sister, a friend, a teacher, a guide and a treasure in my life. She has an incredible gift in helping women to connect to their truth, to trust it and to embrace it with joy. Her healings are always powerful and full of beauty. It's a magical experience that takes you on a journey to your heart centre, your womb, your inner wisdom and beyond. I have had intensely emotional experiences which always birth a personal shift and all the while I feel held and nurtured by her beautiful spirit. I'm forever grateful to her for sharing her gift and shining her radiant light with such generosity and abundant grace." 


Charlotte Hall; Mother, Sustainable FashionPR 


"Chloe channeled a beautiful, feminine softness through my entire body, which gently brought me back to 'myself ' again. Whilst the energy was subtle, the changes were the most powerful of any healing I've encountered. I came away feeling light, all heaviness removed."


Grace Hazel Brown; Yoga teacher, Reiki Practitioner



"I had the great fortune to receive a healing and transmission from Chloe.  She led me in a beautiful visualisation that helped me clear some long standing blocks. I felt a huge shift in my body as well as in my emotional state. She then gave me a powerful transmission for my chakras. I felt very relaxed, safe and loved throughout. Chloe is very intuitive and gifted healer and I will definitely require her services again." 


Victoria Lagerstrom; Singer, Healer  



"The rite of the womb was a beautiful experience from one woman to another and the results were immediate and lasting bringing harmony to my body and my cycle."


Francesca Burns; Fashion Consultant and Stylist 



"The Rite of the Womb was a powerful healing experience for me. Chloe is a gifted healer. Her transmission was incredibly intense and powerful. I came away from the experience feeling more creative and in the flow of my own divine Goddess energy." 


 Jennifer McKinney; Writer 

"I attended a Rite of the Womb ceremony that Chloe was holding. She held the space with ease and grace whilst giving each lady just the right amount of space to go through their individual processes. I have felt profound shifts since, especially in relation to deep seated patterns regarding the sacred feminine and my relationship to my own femininity. Much gratitude for this gift."

Cat Stevens; Shamanic Practitioner

"I'm so grateful for the blessing of knowing and working with Chloe. From our sessions together I'm feeling my courage, power and strength returning with new vitality. I love that in our sessions I can share from my heart and soul, and empower what is ready. Chloe has the profound and magical ability to hold space, and allow for what is deep down wanting to move through and be experienced, even though my mind would try and hide it. It's beautiful watching all the gifts unfolding from our work together. I'm so happy for my newfound freedom to express and share more of myself. I have more of me! Thank you Chloe. "

Lila Barkerward; Photographer


"I've felt a massive change since the rite! I've recently come out of an 8 year relationship that was emotionally abusive, I'd really lost myself and was struggling to move forward even though I desperately wanted to. After the ceremony I felt such joy and peace, and like I'd connected to my feminine power. It was so wonderful to connect with my body in such a way and also to connect with a group of women and really access that power as a collective. I've felt more confident and hopeful and like I'm rebuilding parts of me that were broken. Thank you, honestly it's been life changing."

Tessa Humphreys

"I am a yogi, and health coach and previously I was an engineer, so my personal transformation began 4 years ago when my first son was born. I arrived in London from Brazil last year in March 2016. On February I got pregnant for the third time. And as my elder brother was born here in 1971 and I was raised hearing how awful was the birth of my brother for my mum, I guess something of that affected me and the 28th of April I found out I have lost the baby. So mainly, I searched for you because I was feeling really sad and that I HAD to heal something deep in me.

Before the pregnancy while in London my periods were really weak with almost no blood, very unusual in me. And the day before the rite I got my first period since the lost of the pregnancy but it seemed weak again.

During the rite I felt strong pain and nausea, almost like going to vomit, and sadness, and then relief and that all was going to be good. After that I bled and bled and bled really red blood for 3 days non stop. And I connected to my mums pain and fear while having my brother somehow I feel that I healed that from my family.

My mom on that same night told me she had a weird dream, that she was bleeding strong dark red blood which for her is a very unusual type of the dream and she is 71 so no more bleeding for her.

My sister, also told me that her periods stopped being so painful as they were from the last 2 years.

So I cannot thank you enough, and cannot put in words how deep this was for me and how healing. You are in my heart forever."

Graciela Canzonetta

"Meeting Chloe was one of the best things that has happened in my life in a long time! I thought I was going to see her for some physical healing, but it was SO MUCH MORE than that. 

Not only did I begin to physically heal of re-occurring bacterial infections, I was activated and ignited in ways I did not expect. I felt an awakening, a remembering, and the sacred feminine began to rise at a pace faster than I could comprehend. It was like the session I did with Chloe tapped me into a dormant part of myself that I didn't even know existed. And when she woke up, my entire business, relationships, and life shifted. I left a relationship that was no longer supporting my highest good, I moved from Florida to California, and I began to focus my energy on working with mostly women, helping them to heal their yoni's and womb's, to awaken the ancient wisdom and consciousness of the sacred feminine to empower all of women and all of humanity. 

My life continues to unfold in magical ways as I meet with Chloe over and over, and I am so grateful for her wisdom, magic, and guidance!"


Erin Lanahan

Life Coach 

"I found the The Rite of the Womb amazing. I really came away feeling so much more in tune with my body and it was such an empowering experience. I actually had a little cry on the way home as after having my conversation and actually listening to what my womb had to say to me at the ritual I realised how much I had been ignoring her all my life whether it was not listening to her intuition or not taking the time to nurture and respect her. 

It was definitely just what I needed - especially at this particular point in time so thank you. "

Cassie Steer

Freelance Beauty Editor 




My Story


I was a Fashion Editor for 10 years, on paper, it was my dream job, but honestly during that time I was so unhappy, I felt like a hamster caught in a spinning wheel, running over the same old ground over and over again. I was very low, I had no passion, no drive, no sense of self worth and felt like I was wasting my life.


Searching for some relief and some answers, whilst still working in fashion, I began studying Shamanism in October 2013. I remember very clearly on the last day of my course Alberto Villoldo, my teacher and founder of The Four Winds Society, told me: “Don’t be surprised if your life changes when you go home.”

His prediction came true. Just hours after arriving home, my boyfriend at the time ended our three-year relationship - and the following day I was fired from my Fashion Editor job! 


In the space of two days, I’d been completely stripped of my identity. It was definitely a very challenging and emotional time, however I see these events as huge gifts as I was given the opportunity and freedom to change my life. I began a magical journey of deep healing, growth and transformation. 


I travelled and study in the East and West Coast of America, Peru, Chile, Thailand, and India. I’m initiated in Shamanism, Crystalline Consciousness and Herbalism and studied at the Oneness University.


I’m currently working with the Divine Feminine empowerment, creating workshops, women's circles and offering private sessions. 


I am passionate about sacred self love, empowering myself and holding space for others to be empowered. I'm deeply focused on transformation, shedding limiting beliefs, thought patterns and stories that no longer serve and taking full responsibility for what is arising in my life and holding the mirror so others can take responsibility for what is happening in their lives.  


I'm happiest in nature, swimming in the sea, cooking delicious nourishing food, nibbling (gobbling) chocolate, snuggling my cats (I love soft things) adventuring, travelling, creating, connecting and loving!


My purpose is to live the path of devotion and be in service to the Divine by being of service to humanity. 



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